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Bolt EUV 2022 Chevrolet bull we’ll talk about why I think that’s a silly name how this car compares to the Nissan leaf and how it compares to the tesla so normally I’d say let’s start it up and go for a drive but it’s on it’s happening right now all I do is press d the door is locked and that’s it I guess it’s a good thing but it seems like every time I drive an electric car it just becomes a little more normal first time I drove an electric car was back in 2014 and it was a big shock it was a weird thing to see an electric car driving around remember that was early tesla models days but now it feels normal to me I’m just getting used to it I don’t own an electric car but anyways the Chevrolet bolt euv hopes to capitalize on cuv interest of buyers to bring more would-be cuv buyers into the ev world

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Bolt EUV 2022- Dimensions

 Now to that aim, they have made a bolt that is all-new for Bolt EUV 2022

and they have extended it it shouldn’t be the bolt electronic utility vehicle it should be called the bolt long wheelbase the wheelbase of the bolt euv has been stretched by 2.9 inches versus the bolt and it’s 6.3 inches longer overall it has longer overhangs front and rear which does go a long way to making the bolt look less like a science project it’s still a car I would not hesitate to call ugly but it’s certainly not as bizarro as the regular chevy bolt now for that extra length the rear passengers get three inches more legroom the front passengers all the same and you get more cargo space so a pretty handy trade and that costs you exactly two thousand dollars more the bolt in Canada starts at 38 198. the premium trim that you see here starts at 43,698 dollars

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Bolt euv 2022

Chevrolet bolt euv 2022 Engine performance

 Bolt EUV the premium gets you adaptive cruise supercruise ventilated seats 360-degree camera and unlike the Nissan leaf and unlike the tesla model 3 no matter which model you pick it all has the same drivetrain the motor the power the range is all the same so no matter which trims you pick you are getting that 200 horsepower and pound-feet of torque and because it’s electric it does all those figures at whichever engine rpm you desire Chevrolet quotes an annoying zero to 96kilometer per hour time of 7.0 seconds so I would tack on a tenth or two for a presumed zero to 100 kilometer per hour time let’s just say it’s in the low sevens now the range is listed at 397 kilometers that’s 248 miles for those of you south of the 49th parallel I’m at 265 kilometers on a half tank of electricity so if you make those numbers go forward you’ll see that I have over 500 kilometers of range per charge

Chevrolet bolt euv the claim numbers for whatever reason have been ridiculously easy for me to beat even in the summer when I’ve been running the air conditioning non-stop I’m sure it would suffer in the winter running a heater but it’s pretty easy to beat the factory numbers and that 400-kilometer range you know 397 will just round up is what makes the bolt euv so usable I picked this car up on a day I have driven it to work I have driven it to all kinds of things I have given my girlfriend rides to places and I haven’t charged yet I’ve done 266 kilometers of driving which I think is what average people do in a week it just makes so much sense for most people I think and the added wheelbase and the added cargo space is so good it’s really was needed on the previous bolt and it just makes it so much more usable

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Chevrolet bolt euv Interior analysis

I don’t see the trade-off really also there’s clever storage all throughout the bolt it’s not just an electric car it was designed to be an electric car so it has all these things that you only get with electric like a completely flat floor there’s no step in over raised rocker panel there’s no transmission tunnel, of course, there’s no exhaust pipe channel that has to run through the car flat floor and you also get all this clever storage space underneath the center console there’s a spot for bags water bottles even and underneath the cargo floor in the back, you can flip it up and there is like a well it’s a deep trunk under there worth noting that unlike a tesla it does not have a front trunk

 If you open the hood it looks like an engine but it’s not electric motors and all the parts that make it work it is kind of interesting to be able to see that some electric cars keep that stuff hidden away but there is no storage space upfront so if you can’t fit in the back it’s going in the passenger compartment and the passenger compartment is pretty roomy the rear seat I can tell has been specifically made to get tall people back there and they have mostly succeeded I am a towering five foot nine I fit quite easily there’s lots of legroom in the back but uh headroom isn’t as generous in the back however in the front I have all kinds of room even with this panoramic sunroof which is an option on the premiere what is it like to drive

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Driving performance of Bolt Euv

 Well I’ll start by saying that most people that think an electric car is terrible and boring to drive haven’t driven one so stop listening to them on twitter it’s fun and it’s a different kind of fun and what I mean by that is that driving this a bolt is kind of like playing mario kart there are power ups like I pull this little regen pal you see I slow down I’m not touching the brakes with my foot at all and you’re always trying to find efficiency you’re trying to recharge down hills you’re trying to accelerate smoothly it’s like playing at video games and it makes all these little spaceship noises and it’s a different kind of fun it’s not a white knuckle thrill ride like some cars are but I don’t think that’s why you would buy a chevy bolt now you can also use the brake and it will automatically regen until you go past what regen can stop you and then it will apply the physical brakes to the car so you will stop like anything else there’s also a button that you can select down

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 Here which gives you one pedal driving which basically means that your foot would never leave the gas pedal if you take it off fully from the gas it’s gonna really put on the brakes and slow you down you only drive by modulating the gas pedal as it was tried it out it’s an interesting exercise I find it not very natural like when I have to park and reverse my foot isn’t on the accelerator pedal it’s usually on the brake I don’t want to fly through something so I found that to be a little unnerving also I don’t like the fact that every time I went to uh adjust my foot and take it off the pedal it would slam on the brakes so the one pedal thing I mean I guess it works it’s an interesting little thing I don’t see many people being converted to one-pedal driving although it is possible to chevy bolt euv other smart things

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Bolt climate control

Here because the electric vehicle and that is very careful and clear control of climate control because climate control impacts your range so to that end the premier model only has ventilated seats which I think should be on all trims because sometimes you can get away with just running the ventilated seat and not need air conditioning you know you’re trying to get the maximum efficiency and go as far as you can now it’s worth knowing that even on the hottest day that I drove the chevy bolt some 30-degree day with horrible humidity that running the air conditioning as much as it would go dropped my range about 10 so at least in terms of heat that’s your worst-case scenario you’re gonna take an easy ten percent off the top of the range I’ve found that more mild days when I’m running the climate control off and on the range will be affected by about five to seven percent so just so you know that’s what I found with the bolt running the air conditioning.

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Let’s talk about how it compares to the two other electric cars that I think people are going to compare it to first of all the nissan leaf now the leaf does not get a great start up against the bolt because it costs more money and not only that the one that costs more money than the bolt is one with a smaller battery it’s like a super budget model of the leaf again like the tesla to get under that minimum amount needed to qualify for tax credits wherever you may be the Nissan leaf starts at forty four thousand two hundred ninety eight dollars which is six thousand one hundred dollars more than the bolt and four thousand one hundred dollars more than the bolt euv and that’s a penalty model with a small motor the nissan leaf you want starts at forty six thousand eight hundred ninety eight dollars which is a staggering eighty seven hundred dollars more than the bolt and sixty seven hundred dollars more than the bolt euv all of which come with the same motor in comparison the leaf has 363 kilometers of range versus the bolt euv 397.

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Chevy Bolt EUV 2022-Conclusion

This really kind of trounces the leaf in every department chevy has done a very good job and it’s certainly what I would prefer over the two vehicles and I can hear you now asking but what about tesla well there is technically a cheater model tesla 3 with a wimpy 151 kilometer of range that starts at 46 398 but no one is actually going to buy that car they made it to kind of cheat their way under the 45 000 mark and get the tax credit in Canada etc the real tesla model 3 that you would actually want to buy with your own money starts at 52 000 and change and it’s worth knowing that it’s a lot faster than the bolt and it has a bigger range 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and a 423-kilometer range versus 397.

Honestly, it is a different class of electric vehicle it is one rung up from the bolt in terms of performance but also in price is it a ten thousand dollars better car than the bulb arguably yes I could actually see it but not all of us have an extra ten thousand dollars to spend on a car and I promise you the bolt euv is going to be more than enough for your daily driving needs, in summary, the bolt euv is a remarkably good car it’s not a good electric car it’s a good car it’s easy to see out of it’s easy to drive it’s quiet on the highway it has plenty of pickups it has plenty of storage space and you could tell that it was engineered with real though it’s not just there to fill a market space that the company needs

We need an electric vehicle real people actually put their effort into making this which is more than you could say about some other electric cars but that said the bolt represents the old world of electric cars because when the bolt and the leaf were being developed the idea was how do we take an economy car and make it electric try to keep it affordable keep it cheap keep it small right it was not a premium offering the world changed when tesla showed us that electric cars worked better as a premium offering stop trying to make it affordable and cheap and lean into what electric cars are good at you can make them sexy you can make them good looking

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You can make them fast you can make them the cars people want with their heart not a car like a bolt that people want with their mind because at forty thousand dollars and change it isn’t really a cheap car you can buy a chevy Trax loaded up for like almost ten thousand dollars less than this with comparable interior space and even though this bolt euv is by far the best bolt yet I really have to wonder if there’s a third-generation left in it building electric cars like this I just don’t see it growing the market is shifting towards more expensive cars that are faster and do more that said I’m rooting for the little bolt it’s an honest car does exactly what it says in the box and it surprised me with its ease of use its range and how much I genuinely liked driving it for driving.

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