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MDX 2022 Acura is getting a makeover for 2022 it’s sharper-looking more comfortable packed with the latest tech and promises to be the best driving one to date which is particularly interesting to me because I have a big history with this nameplate it’s a tired soldier this 2003 Acura MDX that’s been in my family since new it has more than 250 000 miles on the odometer countless dense quite a bit of rust and doesn’t drive nearly as tight as used to.

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It’s been a reliable workhorse well except leaving my brother’s in-laws stranded in times square that one time because of a dead battery anyway in its day this first-generation MDX was a damn nice three-row luxury SUV it offered a silky v6 smooth ride soft leather and a roomy interior heated front seat navigation a Bose audio system with a cassette and cd player and a backup camera none of this sounds special today but when this was new a younger johnny wong and his buddy dave spent more time than they’d like to admit.

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Driving backward in a parking lot because they are so geeked about the camera but this is how Acura’s MDX 2022 started before going on to sell more than a million units over 20 years in three generations and now this is how the Acura MDX is going this is the new fourth-generation MDX that lands for the 2022 model year and boy what a difference a couple of decades makes of course with 20 years of advancements a new MDX better blow the first one out of the water but even compared to its immediate predecessor, the third generation car is packing a hearty list of improvements for starters it’s a bit more aggressive looking on the outside as the new TLXsedan.

mdx 2022 acura
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The latest MDX takes styling cues from the precision concept with a wider stance more upright nose with a wider grill longer hood sharper creases and broader shoulders this a-spec model features a little more attitude with gloss black accents dark light housings and gray wheels all in all it looks pretty good for a big SUV on the inside changes are more drastic the layout is lower and sleeker providing good visibility out it’s intuitive with a mess load of clearly marked buttons on the center stack that some people may find busy materials have a higher quality with Milano leather standard on most models there are large swaths of soft-touch and stitch surfaces aluminum trim comfortable seats and it’s light and airy in here thanks to a panoramic roof that’s standard on every MDX 

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This a-specs cabin is dressed further with a flat-bottom steering wheel suede seat inserts and metal pedals all that is an interior that’s more spacious in the second and third rows thanks to a wheelbase that stretched nearly three inches so that row in the way back is a little roomier and accessing it remains rather easy 


MDX with the one-touch smart side middle seats or you can now remove the new second rows middle seat essentially creating captain’s chairs with a walkway to the rear and there’s more cargo space 16.3 cubic feet of it behind the third row that grows to 71.4 with both rear rows folded making it competitive in the class how tech well the new Acura MDX has lots of it it’s got a 12.3-inch configurable gauge cluster available head-up display infotainment is projected onto a 12.3-inch center screen that’s controlled by Acura’s true touchpad system.

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I find it easy to use after you spend some time with it but others on staff aren’t big fans I’ll admit it isn’t perfect the center screen is not a touch screen so when you enter things like navigation destinations it is a pain but it’s got a great els audio setup wireless apple car play and android auto amazon Alexa and a wi-fi hotspot, onboard a wireless charge pad and USB ports sprinkled throughout the cabin 

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MDX also included for safety every MDX gets forward collision warning with auto-braking lane departure warning with lane keep assist adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring rear cross-traffic alert and traffic sign recognition getting to the drive a 3.5 liter v6 making 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque provides power like before it works with a 10-speed automatic that tags in for the previous 9-speed to route power to the front wheels or all wheels through the latest sh auto-drive system that can route up to 70 torque to the rear wheels and transfer 100 of that to either side of the rear axle 


The engine is punchy enough and super smooth while the gearbox cracks off seamless well-timed shifts and can downshift four gears when you need to give hacker says it did consider putting its 2-liter turbocharged 4 into the new MDX but after talking to customers it decided to stick with the 6 which I’m happy about because it’s v6 is a smooth great piece that sounds pretty good under wide-open throttle with all-wheel drive it returns an estimated 19 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the highway without question 

How the MDX handles is the most drastic change in the new generation it’s based on a new stiffer platform with a new double-wishbone front suspension reworked multi-link rear quicker steering and stronger brakes compared to the previous generation it’s noticeably more agile there’s less role at turning steering response is snappier it feels better planted around corners and it confidently slows honestly it doesn’t feel like a 4 500 pound vehicle most of the time even though it is now I’m not going to say you’re going to get yourself an MDX and head to your local track but for a three-row SUV it can hustle through some twisty roads and feel at home doing so there is however another upshot to the new chassis and that’d be a more comfortable and quieter ride 

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It’s less jiggly and smoother going down the road and cabin isolation from road and wind noise is better than before the 2022 Acura MDX goes on sale in February starting at about forty-eight thousand dollars with destination with front-wheel drive while all-wheel drive tacks on an additional two thousand dollars this sportier-looking a-spec version here with standard all-wheel drive is a bit more beginning at 58 000 for those looking for more performance there is a type s version coming later this year with the turbo v6 making about 355 horses bare wheels and Brembo brakes which should be quite interesting but until then the new base MDX packs some impressive upgrades it’s sharper-looking has a nicer cabin filled with tech and is a tighter driver I don’t know maybe it’s time for the wongs to upgrade you

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